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Inspiring Novels in the Professing Series by Donald A. Carpenter

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Drunken womanizer Ward Reid is given one last opportunity to save his newspaper reporter job. A chance meeting with the mysterious Professor compels Ward to chase a story that will change his life.

Ward sees himself in the Professor's tales of love and betrayal, alcoholism and codependency, death and depression. He learns how to pull himself out of his misery and create the present and future he craves by applying the Professor's Great Truths.

Professing is an inspiring novel with a self-help message, written in the manner of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Alchemist, and The Celestine Prophecy.


"Professing flows and captures the reader’s attention in a way that makes you feel you are in the story. It appeals to the spiritual reader and to the reader who loves a love story." 

Libby Smith Ed.D., Ph.D., C. L., Wind Horse Wellness


"Professing touched my heart and soul. I can hardly wait to read the next book in the series."

Denise R. McGinnis, Ph.D., Stephen Minister